Money is often the biggest barrier to starting, maintaining or growing a business. Despite the present economic climate there is still money available to companies from various sources, some loans and even some grants.

Accounting Matters Ltd. always have an eye on the funding landscape to keep track of available monies. We also understand how to make a successful application and where to apply depending on the business type and the purpose of the funding.

Let’s find you some finances


There are more loans than grants available, simply because the loans are paid back and so bodies can more readily afford to administer them.

The government offer general start-up loans and loans for business development. There are also loans aimed at particular sectors such as digital technology, or specialist providers like care-givers. Innovation attracts loans, although demonstrating a speciality can be arduous.

Since there are so many loans sources the best thing is to contact us and tell us what you want funding for so we can connect you.


Grants are a more attractive option as they don’t need to be paid back, but they are also harder to secure for the same reason.

This doesn’t make them rare. The government and a small number of large-scale organisations offer grants for business. There are also thousands of grant-making bodies who offer almost any kind of funding. You might get £500 for some discrete research, or £50,000 to meet a community need through your business.

Accounting Matters Ltd. can compare your requirements against the criteria of hundreds of grant-making bodies to find either all or some of the money required to realise your business project.

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